Kindly send the ideas and reference pictures/photographs to your tattoo artist directly! 

(e-mail link can also be found from the booking message sent to your email.)




After seeing the reference images you submitted; if your tattoo is not realizable, your time will be canceled and you will be notified by email as soon aspossible. If necessary, we may also change the length or time of the booking if we feel that the time allotted is not sufficient to carry out your plan. 
CHANGING THE TIME: You can change your appointment until you have one week left. We also have the right to change the time you have booked, if necessary, we will notify you by e-mail. 
CANCELLATION: If you decide to cancel your appointment, it must be done no later than one week before. If you cancel within one week, see below for possible charges. We also have the right to cancel your time at any time, however, we will not cancel times without reasonable cause and explanation. Time cancellations by us are always free. And any deposit you have made will be returned. 
CANCELLATION FEES: Within a week, if the image has already been designed, and your image cannot be used as a flash image, a design fee of € 50 will be charged. (An image cannot be used as a Flash image if the image is, for example, designed from your own photo, or is otherwise personal or contains personal elements that cannot be deleted) A cancellation fee of € 50 will be charged for 48 hours before the cancellation, even if the image could be used as a flash.  For the time canceled within 24 hours, or for the time not canceled st all, a fee of 50% will be charged according to the price list (according to the time reserved for tattooing + a design fee of € 25-50, if the plan cannot be used as Flash. Because the time you reserved may be void at short notice.) This is where the invoice will be sent by email first - we will collect the unpaid invoices. 
Note! In case you get ill. Cancellations within 48h are ok and in these cases your time will move on to the next available time. However, if the time is eventually canceled again, the original fee will be charged in accordance with the cancellation policy.